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My new sound healing CD, “Good as Gold” is a very special project to me and I'm thrilled to share it with you and the world.


I am a musician, songwriter, sound healer, reiki practitioner and health coach, passionate about creating powerful healing music that promotes peace, joy and inner harmony for the listener.  Merging my lifetime of learning and experience in the rock world, with my passion for planetary healing and oneness, my new musical path has become a Journey into Sound and Healing.


"Good as Gold" combines organic sounds, quartz singing bowls and other instruments (guitars, cellos, violin, flute, percussion, vocals and more) to create an intricate soundscape for balance, harmony and overall wellness. This new work blends modern music with sacred toning that creates the space for healing to occur.  Use this CD as a tool to tune in to your own inner wisdom.  Or, at the very least, just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

I’ve been a musician most of my life.  I started playing the guitar when I was 11 and by 15, I was in my first rock band, Vital Signs. Over the next 20 years, along with graduating from Drexel University with a B.A. in Music/Marketing, I was fortunate to be in a handful of great bands, most notably Resin, Juliet’s Wishing Well, Harter Attack and the legendary blues band, Dr. Harmonica and Rockett 88.  


In 2010, I released my first solo CD, “All Over the Place” and in April of that year, I embarked on a six-month, cross country charity tour to support it.  It was a charity tour called “Half for Humanity”, which you can learn more about here: (keep link here) i After the tour, I continued to tour around the country, mostly around New Mexico / Colorado in the summer and Florida in the winter, touring my way back and forth.  


In 2013, after a long summer of gigs and 13 shows in a row, I decided to take a break on my voice and did a 3-day silent meditation. During that time, I got the inspiration to create a unique sound healing CD, using only organic instruments, bridging the two worlds of secular and sacred music.  


In May of 2015, I joyfully released the double Sound healing CD, “Good as Gold”.  I continue to play rock music on the road and in Key West, and I also hold group Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Healing Meditations wherever I can. 

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"Very tasteful, well-conceived, well-executed, metaphysical concept album! There is just enough diversity in the first half of the album to keep it interesting while still adhering to the overall feel of the project. Brilliant work of art!"

- Lou L.,  Sacramento, CA



"I can't stop listening! It's a multi-layered, sonic, chakra awakening sound healing experience. Be sure to check it out. You'll be singing your chakras awake with the songs and relaxing into a state of bliss with the mellow sound healing tracks. Its really two CDs in one. Good As Gold is the next best thing in sound healing music. Thanks Eric for sticking with this vision so that we may all benefit."

- Debra K., Pagosa Springs, CO



"This album marks a new era in music. The skillful combination of "New Age", Folk, Americana, and Meditational Inspiration is a fresh and entertaining twist that listeners of any genre will want in their collection. Eric has reached far into his depth of years of education, collaborations, and multi-instrumental talent and created a sound that ushers in the dawn of awakening."

- George Moore, Wilmington, DE



“I loved it!  Very inspiring and serene with heartfelt energy.”        

- Digby, Winter Park, FL



"I LOVE YOUR MUSIC! I have listened to the whole thing 5-6 times now and each time I get a new layer. There is something so ancient, the wisdom, conveyed in a modern and accessible way. There are tracks that remind me of being in a shamans circle, then others that invoke Pink Floyd. I love the sounds of the earth elements you have woven into your music. Thank you for sharing this with me."

- Amber G.  Pueblo, CO



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Journey Through Sound

Eric's newest CD

'Good as Gold'

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