Sound Healing

It has been proven that everything in existence is in a state of vibration.  Sound is simply another word for vibration therefore we can say that sound is in everything that exists. This is why sound can be used as a very powerful tool for healing. It seems so simple yet it can be dramatically effective. Breath is the voice of the soul and sound is the voice of our breath.  Our breath is essential to keeping us alive, which is why it is so important to breathe deeply into our lungs and to avoid shallow breath.  We can breathe fresh oxygen into places in our bodies we didn’t even know were there.


Our thoughts are very powerful.  When we voice them (or rather sound them), they become even more powerful. Since we do have a choice, why not choose to think only (or at least predominantly) positive, healing thoughts.  Since sound is the voice of the breath, we can use it to set our intentions (or positive thought) and send the sonic vibrations deep into ourselves as well as out into the entire universe.  


When we add our focused intention to the sound, this is where true healing can occur.  We can use the sound and positive vibrations to become more in harmony with ourselves and therefore more harmonious with others and the world around us.  


I believe that if we all were in perfect harmony within ourselves, then that high and healthy vibration would resonate out to everything that exists around the world, creating peace, joy and love for all.


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Sound Healing


Verified Effects of Sound Healing


  • Reduced Blood Pressure

  • Reduced Heart and Respiration Rates

  • Reduced Depression

  • Reduced Migraines

  • Reduced Pain

  • Increased Oxygen Intake

  • Increased Weight Gain in Premature Babies

  • Increased Sleep for people suffering from Sleep Disorders

  • 25% Decrease in Cortisol Levels (Stress Levels)

  • Increased Immune Cell Activity

  • Increased Brain Functioning through Spatial IQ testing

  • Higher Statistical Odds of Recovering from Illnesses and Diseases  

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