Eric started playing guitar at 11 and began learning from John Kay from Bill Hailey & the Comets as well as jamming along to his rock and roll records.  At 15, he was in his first rock band, Vital Signs, playing covers from bands like AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Van Halen and many others.  At 17, he and his bandmates would sneak into the Buggy Tavern, a great little biker bar in North Wilmington, Delaware that had a great stage and some of the area’s top bands playing nightly. Watching and hearing all those bands in his formative years inspired Eric to believe that he could do it too.  At 18, he attended Drexel University and eventually graduated with a B.A. in Music/Marketing.  Over the next 20 year, along with the distraction with a “real” day job, Eric spent his nights and weekends playing music and was fortunate to be in a handful of great bands and projects over the years, most notably, the Philly urban rock sensation Resin, the alternative original rock band, Juliet’s Wishing Well and later, a wild 3 year stint with the great blues band, Dr. Harmonica and Rockett 88.  A failing marriage and a move to Perry County, Pa in 2007, gave Eric a lot of time to write and work on new songs of life and love, lost and also found.

Rock Music


In 2010, Eric released his first solo CD, “All Over the Place” and toured the country extensively to support it.  His first tour was a six-month, cross country charity tour that he organized with another singer/songwriter from Philadelphia, Alia. It was called the “Half for Humanity” tour, which you can learn more about here:  After the tour, Alia stayed back in Philly but Eric continued to tour, mostly around Florida in the winter and New Mexico / Colorado in the summer, touring his way back and forth. 

In 2013, back in Key West, after a long summer of gigs and 13 shows in a row, Eric decided to take a break on his voice and chose to do a 3 day silent meditation. During this time, he did a lot of relaxing, writing and inner work.  He had Jonathan Goldman’s Ultimate Ohm CD on repeat and on the third day he had a very powerful experience.  An inspiring hit came to bridge the two worlds of the secular and the sacred music by creating a sound healing CD.  After doing some research and not finding anyone doing what he had in his mind, writing began immediately. 


In May of 2015, he joyfully released the double Sound healing CD, “Good as Gold”. The first part is songs within toning tracks with each song related to and about the chakra.  The 2nd part is the toning section to be used personally at home or can be used by yoga studios, massage therapists, energy workers and healers of all types.  Using mostly organic instruments, the music leads the listener on a journey of wellbeing. Each track contains specific frequencies and tones that have been crafted together with pure, loving intention.  With a unique style that reflects his own personal spiritual journey while simultaneously taking the listener on their own, Eric has crafted a poetic album full of joy, amity, and harmony.


Eric currently still plays his rock music on the road and in Key West and also holds group Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Healing Meditations wherever he is.  He enjoys living, being and sharing his music, both secular and sacred, knowing that all of life, including us, is a vibration and as we tune and raise our own vibration so that we are harmonious with ourselves, we can then share that harmony with others and be in harmony with everyone and everything around us. 

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Journey Through Sound

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'Good as Gold'

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