Sound healing is a very powerful healing modality that uses ancient principles of sound and the tremendous power of intention for personal or planetary healing. Many would say that sound is only what we can hear, but this is not true. Sound is another word for frequency or vibration. Humans can hear between 20-20,000 hertz (Hz) (vibrations per second). Dogs can hear up to 45,000 Hz and dolphins up to 180,000 Hz —nine times higher than humans! Although we can’t hear it, they can, so is it still sound? Safe to say, the answer is yes.

We now know through quantum physics that everything that exists is in a state of vibration. We might even say that the world was created with a sound. Each rock, plant, tree, insect, bird, animal, and human has a unique vibration. This vibration is made up of many smaller vibrations that exist in their own capacity in each cell, organ and even our thoughts. It is the collection of all these vibrations that creates each unique life form. Our vibration waivers and varies slightly, but so little that it is hardly recognizable.

Each one of us has a unique voice. This is made up of all our many subtle vibrations, and the voice uses our breath, the voice of the soul, to be heard. This is how we recognize our loved ones when they call on the phone, or hear famous singers on the radio. When we use our own voices to “sound out” to the universe our innermost truth and unwavering intention, the universe is designed to respond, reflect and match that vibration.

Intention is a collected thought used to bring about something that we want. It is what is behind our actions and our words. Why do we do all the things that we do each day? What is our intention behind it? Intention is very important, and should be given careful respect and thoughtfulness. Our thoughts are incredibly powerful, and create the world around us (or, certainly, our perception of it). If most of our thoughts are negative and we see the world as dangerous, unjust, or ugly, we begin to believe that the world is against us. Whereas, if we have an overall positive view on life, then everything becomes beautiful and hopeful, and things seem to come easy and line up in our favor. This is when we are in the flow with the universe.

In our bodies we have subtle energy centers (chakras) that go from our root to the crown of our heads. Each one correlates to aspects of life and how we exist in it. For example, the root chakra is about feeling grounded; when balanced, we feel abundant, connected, and safe in the world. The heart chakra centers around receiving and giving love in a healthy way. The throat chakra is about effective communication and speaking our truth with integrity, and the third eye reminds us to listen and follow our intuition. Our chakras can become weak, dim, or stagnant due to factors like stress, fear, and emotional pain.

Another way of looking at it is to see our body as a large orchestra with each section playing its part to keep us alive and moving through the world. When a section of the orchestra becomes out of tune, it can cause the other sections to become out of tune; when we get to the point where we are so far out of tune, this is when disease, confusion, or the feeling of being lost and out of balance begin to occur. therefore, it is important to give our body what it needs to stay in tune and balanced with nature, to live as healthy as we can. Sending certain frequencies into these chakras can help to get them clear, bright, and spinning freely again. We can help ourselves do this by using an array of instruments, bowls, special tuning forks, nature sounds, and the voice to reinforce and send out the vibration of our intentions. The outcome may seem subtle, but it can have a profound effect. It can be done on our own, in a group or with a practitioner.

We must also look at rhythm, for rhythm is in everything. It is in the rising and setting of the sun and moon. It is in every wave of the ocean and with the coming and going of the seasons. It varies slightly but it does not change or stop. Our breath, our heart- beat, our footsteps and thoughts reflect this inherent law of nature. We need to maintain proper rhythm for good health.

Yet, life happens. We do our best, we have a positive attitude, and occasionally we still get down and out, confused, lost or unbalanced. We can use sound healing as a tool to clear through the muck and help us manifest what we want and to get back on our path. We can find again our natural rhythm that works for us. Sound is like the magic carpet to carry our intention out into the universe, and equally, deep into the eternal universe that is you. 

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